Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Button
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Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Button

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Well it looks like we are all screwed because of the 1.25 inch diameter Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Button! Thanos, the Mad Titan, with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet essentially has all of the power of reality, time, space, yada yada yada and can do whatever he wants. Unfortunately for us, the Mad Titan just wants to impress Death by killing half of the Universe(Thanos is currently friend-zoned). You would think that with all of the power of the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Button, that Thanos would be a bit more creative. I would have given everybody tails.

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  • Sku: buttonthanosgnt
  • Color: Gold
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Button

Ed Fructuoso
San Francisco,Ca.
submitted 1 year ago

Again...Its what I expected.