Mr. Incredible Vinyl Action Figure

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This 4 inch Mr. Incredible Vinyl Action Figure is based on the hit movie of yesteryear, the Incredibles! Well, I'm not quite sure if we can call it 'yesteryear'. That was only a couple of years ago, right? Hey, all I know is that Brody from Mallrats was the bad guy...and it was all because he was snuffed by Mr. Incredible! Suppose superheroes have to be careful on who they snub for attention lest they develop a super-villain SYNDROME! See what I did there? Any-who, this great Mr. Incredible Vinyl Action Figure shows off the slightly deformed father of the Incredibles, Mr. Incredible! I never realized how easy his name was to remember.

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I keep it with my secret stash of Pixar movies with Elasta-Girl to display as a set.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.