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HeroBox Winter Soldier New Era Hat Box

3930 Edition
950 Edition
5950 Edition
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Limited Edition Winter Soldier HeroBox®

A box fit for Captain America’s brainwashed best bud, with contents decided upon by ex-Soviet scientists, the Winter Soldier HeroBox® will fill your Bucky cravings with an assembly of unique items including a limited edition New Era hat.

The box is limited to 150 in order to safely avoid discovery by a rogue black-ops kill-squad! The value of its contents taken individually, including its feature item – a premium New Era cap that is exclusive to – well exceed the box price  and the risk of termination!

Featuring Exclusive Winter Soldier Hat

Reproducing elements of the Winter Soldier’s cybernetic arm, and the bold symbol of his scientifically inclined handlers during the Cold War, this limited-edition cap is available in three distinct styles:

The 5950 Edition $69
($100 full retail)
Includes the fitted, New Era 59Fifty flat-billed cap. Features the red stared front, solid black on a polyurethane/polyester base. The cap’s side mimics the Winter Soldier’s metallic, segmented arm with shiny, stitched swatches. The bill’s underside features an image of our perpetually waffling adversary.
The 950 Edition $64
($85 full retail)
Includes the adjustable, flat-billed, New Era 9Fifty snap-back hat, which features the same red star layering a soft, black fabric finish. The side simulates the Soldier’s segmented arm, and the bill’s underside features a familiar shot of brainwashed Bucky moments before he destabilizes your government with his fists.
The 3930 Edition $59
($80 full retail)
Featuring the fitted, curved bill New Era 39Thirty cap. Made from 5% polyester and 5% spandex, this hat sports a soft fabric finish overlaid by the intimidating red star. Featuring the characteristic, metal-toned fabric adorning the hat’s side and an embroidered red star on the cap’s rear.
Example Winter Soldier Shirts

Each Box Includes a T-Shirt + Bonus Items

You’re guaranteed a Winter Soldier T-Shirt offered in several sizes allowing for absolute comfort regardless of the bulk of your cybernetic enhancements. Besides the T-Shirt and an EXCLUSIVE hat, the Winter Soldier HeroBox® contains four additional mystery items. What are they? Well, we’re not going to spoil the mystery. However, the contents absolutely hold greater value than the price of the box.

Why a Winter Soldier HeroBox®?

Cap’s perpetually somber, former WWII wing-man -- a victim of forced, cybernetic bonding and grueling, psychological reconfiguring -- gets a bad rap. He’s actually quite heroic, and it’s our duty to shine a light on his recovery. Of course, it all goes to hell the second anyone recites the following words: “Ice cream, ROM: Space Knight, Ben Kingsley, Axe Cop, fibromyalgia, Charizard.” Wait, that can’t be right.

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3.0 Nice hat. Box so-so

Love the 9fifty hat. Wasn't thrilled with the shirt I got. Other items were just OK.

4.0 Loved the hat and the glass especially.

Was mostly satisfied.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
L.A., CA
3.0 Socks! Yay!

The Winter Soldier box was pretty good, but not good enough for the price. The tee was geared more towards the comics (Winter and Black Widow); the hat was good; I already had the glass, so now I have three; the pin and bumper sticker were cool; the socks were awesome!

Dublin, Ireland.
5.0 This box is great, cool items and no rubbish.

I love the new era hat. Everyone wants to know where I got it.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.