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Winter Soldier Symbol Watch with Metal Band


Winter Soldier Symbol Watch with Metal Band


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You have 12-hours to complete your mission for the glory of Mother Russia. Sync your watch...now.

You're a repurposed, reprogrammed super-soldier for the Soviet Union enhanced with a cybernetic limb. With a series of completely unrelated terms, your programming is asserted, and your mission begins.

Besides augmented appendages, enhanced biology and cutting-edge weapons, you're granted our durable, incredibly resilient Winter Soldier Watch with Metal Band.

Designed from bleeding edge technology outlawed by the United Nations immediately after the Cold War, this Winter Soldier watch is made from a sturdy stainless steel expanding to the metal, adjustable wristband.

A carefully painted Winter Soldier star symbol layers the clock face amidst carefully painted seams simulating cybernetic plating.

Featuring black hands, a silver second hand, and carefully incremented second marks encircling the encased clock face, this Winter Soldier watch is a fashionable, functional extension of your silent, ageless war.

Collectible gift box!

Our Winter Soldier watch comes in a collectible display box slathered in black and white comic panels! NEAT and OH!

Product specifications? You asked for it:

  • Movement- quartz
  • Battery powered
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty
  • Face color- silver
  • Case color- stainless steel
  • Caseback- stainless steel
  • Bezel color- stainless steel
  • Band color- stainless steel
  • Pushbutton clasp
  • Case size- 50mm diameter
  • Band length- 210mm
  • Band width- 24mm

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