Avengers Thor Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head

Avengers Thor Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head

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Measuring 3.75" high, we have a slightly deformed, ridiculously cute Thor bobble head rendered in vinyl and based on Thor's appearance in the hit, live action Avengers film! Yep, it's Thor captured in mortal vinyl, trapped in mystical, cardboard window packaging and hoping for a worthy purchaser like yourself to come along and..uh...free him from the enchanted bindings spun by a certain trickster god! YEAH! Uh....anyway, cool little cutesy Thor bobblehead based on his live action iteration prancing about the screen and uttering "forsooths" and "thou thuslies."

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  • Sku: bobbleavngthor
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Avengers Thor Pop Marvel Vinyl Bobble Head

Newcastle, NSW Australia
submitted 5 years ago

Such a cute addition to my car. Good quality item, although after purchasing it here, I realized I could buy it from Toys R Us for cheaper... and in my own country lol Oh well :) Still would recommend it to everyone

Pauline C.
Toronto, Ontario
submitted 6 years ago

Arrived on time, and makes a great addition to the growing collection. :)

Isaac Martin
Maple Park, IL
submitted 6 years ago

IT IS AWESOME! Plus I can make Thor dance! :)