Thor Asgardian Goddess 12oz Ceramic Mug

$9.99 Reg.$12.99


Thor Asgardian Goddess 12oz Ceramic Mug

$9.99 Reg.$12.99


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She's more than worthy.

When Thor's worthiness was rendered impotent after a recently "transformed" Nick Fury whispered a scathing truth into the thunder god's ear, the mystical URU hammer recoiled from Thor's mighty grip.

Proven unworthy by Fury's jarring revelation, Mjolnir no longer responded to the Odinson -- Thor's great and magical hammer excused itself and began a satisfying, solitary life on the moon.

But the world -- correction: the worlds -- need Thor, and Jane foster -- Thor's ex-girlfriend but current confidant -- took it upon herself to heft the great hammer from its oxygen-free resting place.

Made from solid ceramic, our Thor Asgardian Goddess 12oz Ceramic Mug features striking illustrations of the Mjolnir-empowered Jane Foster -- the invulnerable "Lady Thor" who wielded Odin's great weapon more effectively than Odin's famous descendant.

Yep, this (lady) Thor mug features 2 gorgeous images of Jane Foster -- she's hurling the hammer above her personalized logo, and preparing to hurl said hammer while commanding the lighting.

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe

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Reviews of Thor Asgardian Goddess 12oz Ceramic Mug

5.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
Jenn, alternate Goddess of Thunder

Excellent for days when smiting is on the schedule.

Submitted 1 year ago

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