Lady Thor Heat Changing Mug
Lady Thor Heat Changing Mug-Cold
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Lady Thor Heat Changing MugLady Thor Heat Changing Mug-ColdLady Thor Heat Changing Mug-Hot Example

Thor Jane Foster Heat Changing Mug

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Made from a sturdy blend of ceramic and Odin-blessed Uru, this Thor Jane Foster Heat Changing Mug features a striking image of Thor, aka Thor's mortal and romantic entanglement, Jane Foster.

Standing 4" high, this finely crafted Thor mug has an amazing image of Jane Foster as Thor -- rendered by artist Sarah Pichelli -- holding aloft Mjolnir, her mighty magic hammer. Yes, for some, this is sufficient. But one should never settle.


Adding hot liquid to this already stylish mug -- coffee, tea, orc-ale, or Frost Giant bitters -- generates the appearance of a veritable lightning bushel emanating from the mighty and female-friendly Mjolnir!

PS- If your beverage isn't warm enough, a surge of mystical lightning will surely increase the temperature ten-thousand-fold.

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  • Sku: mugldythrhc
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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