Thor Avengers S Figural Paperweight

Thor Avengers "S" Figural Paperweight

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Measuring about 5" high, this resin, figural paperweight is rendered in the shape of the mighty Thor, a strangely familiar looking space-god taking the shape and likeness of the Norse god of thunder...and full time member of Marvel Comics' premiere super-team, the Avengers!  Oh, and he's perched atop a base shaped like the letter "S".  Now, what's the purpose of the letter-base?  Well, the other Avengers taken from this first series of figural paperweights stand on their own, unique letter bases.  Collect all the figural facsimiles and you can spell out the freakin' word...AVENGERS!  YEAH!  So, you a fan of Thor the paperweight, Thor the mudflap or Thor the fishing lure?  Yeah?  Well then......good.  Good.

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Awesome product!