The Mighty Thor Limited Edition 16oz Pint Glass

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Wielding a drink is much easier than wielding Mjolnir. Or so we assume? The Mighty Thor Limited Edition 16oz Pint Glass has no trouble with the whole holding a beverage thing. And it doesn't seem like Jane has any issues swinging that hammer anyway... must be why she got her face on a pint glass... 

It is the ultimate test of success, right? My guess would be that Odinson is super jelly because not only is the glass dedicated to her but it's also limited edition! Buy now!

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This Thor pint glass features a variant cover image to Thor Vol. 4 #1, rendered in a precise, painterly fashion by artist Esad Ribic. This glass also features initial design work by interior artist Russel Dauterman.

Release Date:
 October 1st, 2014

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russel Dauterman

Synopsis: Mjolnir the mystic hammer lies on the moon and Thor can never wield it! Whispered words during the events of Original Sin have resulted in Thor's newly acquired UNWORHTINESS! Who shall wield the hammer when Frost Giants invade Midagrd (translation: Earth)? Why, the new maiden of might, the mysterious she-Thor! Who is she? Where does she come from? And just how in the heck is she SO DAMN WORTHY??

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