Thor Blue Stone Ring

Thor Blue Stone Ring

Thor Blue Stone Ring

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The Thor Blue Stone Ring is been approved by the Odinson, Marvel's Mighty Thor, and may allow passage across the rainbow bridge, Bifrost! Maybe. Highly reflective and durable, this Thor Blue Stone Ring has a blue gem of 'Asgard' that appears significantly brighter or darker depending on one's light situation. So if you're being questioned by SHIELD on how you managed to make their agents look like mall cops it may appear lighter under their bright lights. Inversely, if you're leading a foray into Jotunheim, it will appear darker! Those Asgardians and their blending of science and magic.

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The ring is nice. But it is what it is. A simple ring with a blue stone in it. But I like it´s so simple. For me its about the fact its a Thor ring. It fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear. Only downside is that the stone doesn´t fit totally to the form of the ring. You can see a little bit of glue and I´m afraid it might fall out someday. But other that that, I´m happy with it!

La Crosse, WI

Feels like its worth the money. Looks sweet! Fits well.