Thor Silver Hammer Women's Ring

Thor Silver Ring
Thor Silver Ring - Front View
Thor Silver RingThor Silver Ring - Front View

Thor Silver Hammer Women's Ring

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The Beatles once wrote a song about Thor on their Abbey Road album but due to copy right issues they had to change the song to a guy named Max. That was back when Thor ran around bonking people on the head though. The 1960s was a crazy time! Joking aside, this great Thor Silver Hammer Women's Ring is inspired by Marvel's Mighty God of Thunder, Thor and features his weapon of choice Mjolnir in an easy access ring format with just a slight dash of 'sparkalies'. 

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  • Sku: ringthorsilv
  • Color: Grey-Light
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Roseburg, OR

I had worn it so much it turns my finger green and a few of the rhinestones have fallen out. But otherwise very cute

Sad Little Nerd Girl
A Place

I love this ring design, and I had looked absolutely everywhere to find something like it, but it only comes in two sizes which, unfortunately, means that the search continues. Sad to say I couldn't make it my own.