Thundercats Round Buckle
Thundercats Round Buckle - Back
Thundercats Round BuckleThundercats Round Buckle - Back

Thundercats Domed Belt Buckle

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Here's a metallic, round and sort of...domed...belt buckle adorned with the Thundercats symbol! Measuring 3.5" across in diameter, this Thundercats buckle sort of...puffs out. Yup. And I should mention that Panthro wears one. And so does Tigra. Snarf doesn't, but Snarfer sure does! Anyway, yeah, so Panthro could have made another Thundertank, but decided to make 10,000 of these. Yup.

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  • Sku: bucklthndrcts
  • Color: Red

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Reviews of Thundercats Domed Belt Buckle

Toronto, ON
submitted 3 years ago

Thundercats! Ho! I've BEEN searching for this buckle for ages! thanks for supplying it. Been a big fan of the show since childhood, even have the entire DVD collection.

Atlanta, GA
submitted 4 years ago

I love this buckle, I've been a huge fan of the Thundercats since being a kid in the 80's. Use the belt buckle with a nice, thick black leather belt. Looks great.