Thundercats Lion-O Shadow Boxes T-Shirt

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Do not expose this 100% cotton Thundercats Lion-O Shadow Boxes T-Shirt to catnip, balls of string, large canines, or flea/ tick baths. The ThunderCats don't particularly care for those things. I mean, they are kitty meow-meows after all. I sometimes wonder if Mumm-Ra and his friendy friends just need a distemper shot...or to be fixed! Look, Mumm-Ra may be invulnerable but if they would just take him to the vet and get him a proper check up he'd calm right down! Maybe he needs a change in food too...nothing with corn or corn meal in it! That can lead to brain conditions from what I've been told. Anyways, this fantastic Thundercats Lion-O Shadow Boxes T-Shirt features a Brady Bunch like image containing images of your favorite Thundercat characters! Of course only Lion-O gets any color. Those other guys have to earn it!

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