Transformers Autobot Collage and Symbol Backpack

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Made from 100% Polyester and measuring 16" high and 14.5" across, this Transformers backpack features a giant Autobot symbol over a black background, with the border of the bag filled with a collage of familiar Autobot heroes! This Transformers backpack is the perfect homage to the REAL Transformers; those sentient, transforming bots based on designs taken from the hit 80's animated series and.....seen clubbing the hell out of each other in the classic Marvel Comic books! Yup! And check out the giant pocket attached to the front of the bag! It repeats the aforementioned, bordering collage design! And it has a zipper! Looking at the back, we have two padded, adjustable shoulder straps! COOL! This Autobot backpack is perfect for carrying....the Matrix! To school! It's better if you use the backpack since the Matrix is....extremely hot.

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Within the first few weeks of owning this bag for school, the straps began to rip. It was always tearing somewhere, yet for the entire year it somehow held together and continues to do so today. I always carry loads of books and supplies that should have broken this bag immediately, since it isn't the most durable bag out there, but it stayed together. I absolutely love this bag, but I wouldn't suggest this to any person who plans on putting heavy loads inside of it.