Transformers Movie Bumblebee Button

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Measuring 1.25" across in diameter, this little button features an image of Bumblebee, heroic Autobot soldier, taken from the hit series of Transformers live-action films!  Bumblebee is a member of the Autobots; a peaceful faction of transforming, giant robots caught in an eons-long war with the villainous, super-selfish Decepticons!  Bumblebee....kicks a lot of Decepticon @#$!!  Yeah, that was crazy when he took Skywarp's leg and used it to smack Astrotrain into your local grocery store!  Sure, it may take at least 3 years of therapy to  properly expunge the image from your psyche, but at least you made it out of there with 2 cans of tomatoes for 17 cents!  Don this Bumblebee button when it's time to...let go.

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