$45.49 Reg.$69.99
Transformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie
Transformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie - Side View
Transformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie - Back View
From fan Timothy Lim
Transformers Soundwave Costume HoodieTransformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie - Side ViewTransformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie - Back ViewFrom fan Timothy Lim

Transformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie

$45.49 Reg.$69.99
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You may think to yourself, 'How does a cassette player become one of the most recognizable Decepticons; you know, the faction of military changing robots that include tanks and jets?' Logical enough reasoning and if you are on the younger side of things you have no idea how truly evil cassettes can be. The 60% cotton 40% polyester Transformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie would be more than happy to oblige...he chewed through countless Cyndi Lauper and Risk Astley tapes leading to frenzied attempts at pencil-rewinding! If that doesn't make any sense you are probably too young. The zip-up Transformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie will allow you to idolize your favored Decepticons Communication Officer by zipping over that human face of yours (hooray for mesh eye slots!). Better find a vocoder, right?

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  • Sku: hoodtfswcst
  • Color: Blue
  • Sleeve Type: Long sleeve/Raglan
  • Licensor: Transformers
  • Style Attributes: Front/back print, Costume

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Reviews of Transformers Soundwave Costume Hoodie

Eric, Casual Fan
Little Rock, AR
submitted 4 years ago

Got this as a Christmas gift (2013) -- it's one of the best hoodies I've owned, and I own quite a few. In terms of comfort, it's VERY comfortable -- not too thick like a jacket, but not too thin like a cheaply made hoodie, either. The visibility is great through the "visor" too, in case you decide to wear it in extreme weather. The only bad thing is that my cassettes still keep getting jammed in my chest.