Doctor Manhattan Watchmen Magnet
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Doctor Manhattan Watchmen Magnet

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Poor Dr. Manhattan. Being granted god like powers only seems to make one....bored and apathetic! Hey, without anything to fear or to strive for there isn't much left to live for. Of course in the Watchman universe he is the only super hero with any super powers, and he pretty much single handily ended the Vietnam War. We really could use something like that these days, no? Well, the same thing would probably happen. Dr. Manhattan would grow tired at his abuses by his fellow men, and left this galaxy for one less complicated. Much like this 3.5 inch high by 2.5 inch wide Doctor Manhattan Watchmen Magnet! I pretty much walked you into that one, didn't I? Well, this magnet features some of the original artwork and a chat bubble from the famous graphic novel. Really can't go wrong with that!

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