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Wolverine Face Pom Pom Beanie

Images of Wolverine Face Pom Pom Beanie
Wolverine Face Pom Pom BeanieWolverine Face Pom Pom Beanie- Head ViewWolverine Face Pom Pom Beanie- Side ViewWolverine Face Pom Pom Beanie- Back View
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Wolverine knows what it is like to be cold. Heck, he spent a great deal of his life in Canada! From what I am told, the rivers up there are delicious maple syrup and the normal trees are replaced by evergreen hockey sticks that grow up to 100 feet tall! I also hear people ride polar bears instead of cars AND they get the universal health care...probably to deal with the errant polar bears. It kind of makes sense how Wolverine has all of those fantastic powers, doesn't it? Musing aside, the fine 100% acrylic Wolverine Face Pom Pom Beanie features a yellow lining, a yellow and blue X-Men logo, a bold Wolverine mask imprint, and a yellow pompom! The yellow pompom helps to focus the heat within the Wolverine Face Pom Pom Beanie...and direct polar bear traffic.

"One Size Fits Most"

More Details:

  • - Rating: 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • - Color: Yellow
  • - Licensor: Marvel
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Boston, MA
1.0For small heads only!12/26/2012

The hat was too tight and did not stretch at all! Apparently it's only for kids, even though it doesn't say it, and that sucks. I'll have to find someone to give it away to. So disappointed, I was really looking forward to wearing it all winter!