Wolverine Logo Blue Belt Buckle

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This perfect 3.5 inch wide by 2.5 inch high metal Wolverine Logo Blue Belt Buckle may increase healing factor, cause bone claws, or berzerker rage. Okay, not really but it still suffers a glaring weakness when put up against Magneto. Hey, that whole metal thing is pretty prevalent and Magneto..well, he does have a certain amount of finesse with such things! You should be alright though wearing this silver and blue Wolverine Logo Blue Belt Buckle...I don't think Magneto is quite gunning for you yet. Get in his way a couple of times and we might have a "Fatal Attraction" like moment where Magneto steals your belt buckle and leaves your belt plain and boring.

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I gave this to a Wolverine fanatic, and whenever I see him he has it on. He loves it.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.