Movie-Quality Wolverine Claws

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Rendered in powerful, ridged plastic, our official (insert name of Wolverine movie HERE) Hand-blades are the affordable (poor-man’s) version of more expensive, movie-accurate, retractable Adamantium claws seen popping profusely betwixt Logan’s unbreakable knuckles in any and all films boasting the ravenous, raging Wolverine!

Yes, with 3 plastic knives, sixteen rubber bands, 14-yards of duct tape, a handful of thumbtacks, 32-ounces of tar, a high pain threshold and a blood-stained tank top (tank top not included), you too can wield the ferocious, indestructible eye-gougers of the X-Men’s feral, fully-sanctioned murder machine.

WARNING: Due to the nature of cheap plastic, we recommend wearing safety glasses (not included) while enjoying our …uh... ‘economy class’ Wolverine claws. After a rigorous batch of consumer safety trials, we’ve determined that the Wolverine Movie Hand-blades break into 75 or more pieces when cutting through anything sturdier than cotton candy, or stabbing anything more resilient than soft ice cream.



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