Wolverine Claws Out Pint Glass
Artwork Inspiration
Wolverine Claws Out Pint GlassArtwork Inspiration

Wolverine Claws Out Pint Glass

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With a dark amber gradient fade and proudly displaying an iconic image of Wolverine with his claws out from Wolverine Volume 2 #305, the Wolverine Claws Out Pint Glass will give you a powerful thirst that only a healing factor can solve! Okay, maybe not but at least you'll have some really sweet officially licensed drinkware from Marvel Comics! 

Wolverine tends to get around a lot these days...even though he technically 'died'. Look, there are always plenty of other Wolverines from other dimensions and some even here...just ask X-23 or Old Man Logan! I bet both of them have this sweet Wolverine pint glass so you may want to act fast.

Do not microwave and hand wash only! Wolverine's healing factor isn't what it use to be. 

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This Wolverine pint glass features the cover image to Wolverine Vol. 2 issue #305, rendered by artists Jim Cheung and Jason Keith.

Release Date: April 25th, 2012

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Penciler: Paul Pelletier
Inker: Dave Meikis

Synopsis: "Rot (Part 1)." There's a particularly gruesome murder spree occurring in the Bronx; the victims aren't simply murdered, they're harvested. Meanwhile, Wolverine arrives at Dunwich Santitorium and faces deeply disturbing aspects of his past, elicited by the unseemly creations of Dr. Rot. 

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  • Color: Orange
  • Licensor: Marvel
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Josiah C fans marvel
Covington GA
submitted 1 year ago

This wolverine awesome from x men.