Wolverine Logan Funko Pocket Pop Keychain

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Wolverine has a lot of things to feel sorry about. The time he flushed the toilet while Beast was in the shower. That time he had to kill Jean Grey because she was going to destroy the world. Oh, and that time when he ran a yellow light while Gambit was following him in a car. You can see why the 1.25 inch tall Wolverine Logan Funko Pocket Pop Keychain looks the way he does!

At least we know Hugh Jackman has had an impressive run as Marvel's beloved Weapon X so why not celebrate him a bit more by allowing him to wrangle up your keys? He could use an easy job anyways.

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  • Color: Brown
  • Licensor: Marvel
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New Orleans, La.
3.0Great look, not so great construction03/11/2017

It will only be a matter of time before the head comes off. It's not connected that well