Wolverine Close Up Flip Flops

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Wolverine wasn't always so snarly. He actually was a rather pleasant child growing up, but one day during his pre-school graduation he was playing the wood block to "One Little Skeleton". During Wolverine's epic solo, the drum stick to the wood block broke and the ball rolled down the stairs! Wolverine quickly snapped after it, but at that point it was already long gone! The crowd laughed, and Wolverine was filled with the mutant powers we all know and love today. Of course you probably read something about the Weapon X program, but that's just comic magic. Regardless, these perfect Wolverine Close Up Flip Flops feature a combat ready image of Logan across both flip flops! That's what we like to call sophisticated. These flip flops are made of an ultra light weight foam like material, which is oddly resilient! A perfect blend of flip flop and durability.

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Awesome looking shoes

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