Wolverine In The Sewer T-Shirt
Wolverine In The Sewer T-Shirt - Close Up
Wolverine In The Sewer T-ShirtWolverine In The Sewer T-Shirt - Close Up

Wolverine Knee Deep In The Sewer T-Shirt

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Here comes Wolverine! On our Wolverine Knee Deep In The Sewer T-Shirt, Logan's coming at you and he does not look happy. It can't just be the sewer that has him that ticked, can it? That raw sewage he's emerging from must really mess with his heightened sense of smell! But Wolverine has never really been known for his pleasant musk...in fact, he probably smells like a wet dog that someone's been blowing cigar smoke at... so he's never really had a hard and fast rule about staying out of the sewers. Just ask The Hellfire Club!
This black, 100% cotton Wolverine t-shirt features the X-Men star at his most menacing and his iconic yellow logo across the top.

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  • Sku: tswolvsewer
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Wolverine Knee Deep In The Sewer T-Shirt

Marcus D. Mitchell
Sasebo, Japan
submitted 3 years ago

I like it a lot, this website is awesome

submitted 4 years ago

Fits him perfect! He doesn't even want to take it off...

submitted 4 years ago

This shirt fits well and is good quality material. The colors are bright and strong - good detail. It still looks good after several washings (but we allow it to air dry).

Rubi,DC Comic books fan
submitted 4 years ago

What is it with wolverine and the sewers?will he be looking for a new kind of rats exterminator or is he man enough to face the rats all by himself?He must be after something REALLY big and REALLY big and sharp his claws are too so.....bumping into someone like Logan only means one thing:brace yourself for the worst because Logan never hesitates when it comes to action and seeing him in that estate makes me wonder if he´s cutting over the edge for not having acquired this impressive tee yet or he´s just feeling all thumbs today,who the hell knows!!The only thing I know is the colors on the shirt are so vivid and colorful that my head would be spinning around if I still had not gotten my hands on it and the image is so extraordinarily shocking that I would split myself into two if Wolverine took into account I´m not into his favorite shirt.This is a real tee must-have.Go tell him before he makes the first move!!Claws talking.

Emerson Ar
submitted 5 years ago

I love my wolverine shirt.it fits perfect and arrived in the mail less then a week after I ordered it.