Wolverine Shriiipp Polymesh T-Shirt

$10.99 Reg.$22.99


Wolverine Shriiipp Polymesh T-Shirt

$10.99 Reg.$22.99


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This is what happens when you go with Ripley to Professor X's Mansion! I think that might have been the one with Winona Ryder come to think of it. The airy 100% polyester Wolverine Shriiipp Polymesh T-Shirt has good ol' distressed Logan bursting through the 'O' in 'Wolverine'. I guess you should have gotten the Space Soup...or was it the Space Special? Either way, just get the Wolverine Shriiipp Polymesh T-Shirt. You know you want to!

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Reviews of Wolverine Shriiipp Polymesh T-Shirt

4.0 (Based on 2 reviews)
Ruby Merchant

Let me go!!Or you will end up shriiippped!!Nothing seems to get in the way of the invincible wolverine and this tee is no exception either.Made of Polymesh this tee enhances your complexion,suits like a glove and makes you be more radiant than usual,believe me,been there. It would be perfect to be wearing it while working out at the gym due to the compression effect that creates on your body but it´s really a pity to waste it like that in my opinion.I still haven´t worn it for that purpose and I won´t for sure,such a good material deserves a far better use,if you don´t agree with me don´t wait anymore and get one of them,you´ll soon find out that this t´shirt is priceless. ESSENTIAL.

Submitted 6 years ago
JC Alvarez
New York, NY

Wonderfully styled and airy -- the shirt is very light and perfect for a gym workout. Unfortunately the quality does not live up to expectations -- but you'll get a decent couple of months out of this slick-styled polymesh tee. Enough really to instill envy in the loser wearing the HULK tee and hogging up the squat rack!

Submitted 5 years ago

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