Wonder Woman Gold & Red 1.5 Seatbelt Belt 24-38" Long

Wonder Woman Gold & Red 1.5 Seatbelt Belt 24-38" Long

  • Features one modern Wonder Woman symbol. And then another. And then another. And then several more!
  • Officially licensed Wonder Woman belt.
  • Made from actual seatbelt material.
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How to properly secure one's war-skirt.

Yes, your blessed and invulnerable war-skirt protects from spasmatic centaur kicks below the belt, but it has a tendency to loosen easily and take up residence around the ankles.

You've tried leather cords, duct tape, and even an unbreakable sliver of your Golden Lasso of Truth, but nothing seems to keep said skirt from slipping downward during tug of wars with cantankerous old gods.

Might I suggest the Wonder Woman Gold & Red 1.5 Seatbelt Belt? It's forged from the very same material securing safety-conscious pilots of the Invisible Jet.

Our adjustable Wonder Woman seatbelt belt-- made from actual seatbelt material -- is colored in a deep, rich maroon and layered with Diana's modern symbols prevalent in the hit Wonder Woman movie.

Behind said symbols, subtle Themysciran line work perfected over thousands of years on a magical, invisible island sans men!

And since this is, in fact, a seatbelt, this Wonder Woman belt features a solid-metal seatbelt buckle with push-button release.

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  • Sku: beltwwgldred24-38
  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Gold & Red 1.5 Seatbelt Belt 24-38" Long

Reseda, CA
submitted 5 months ago

Great quality

Boisbriand, Canada
submitted 9 months ago

Very good.