Amazon Silver Bracers Set
Amazon Silver Bracers Set- Side And Back View
Amazon Silver Bracers Set- Woman View
Amazon Silver Bracers SetAmazon Silver Bracers Set- Side And Back ViewAmazon Silver Bracers Set- Woman View

Amazon Silver Bracers Set

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Sometimes, you just really need a pair of bracers. To round out that suit of light weight combat plate, to complete your Amazon warrior outfit, or to defend against projectiles with a certain bullets and bracers technique! I bet you could come up with a bunch more uses for the Amazon Silver Bracers Set, made from high grade stainless steel! Not just one, but TWO! That's pure crazysauce right there with a light sprinkling of deliriouso. Yes, that is a flavor. I think it is powdered energy drink with a pinch of Old Bay and Worchestershire? Don't quote me on that though. Anyways, these great Amazon Silver Bracers Set are 3 inches long, and a little shy of 2.5 inches wide(from the broadest part of the bracer). Laid flat, a bracer is 2.25 inches high! Highly reflective and durable, though I'm not entirely sure if you can ricochet real bullets. Not sure if it is a good idea to try either.

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  • Sku: bracerwwsilverset
  • Color: Grey-Light
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Costume

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Reviews of Amazon Silver Bracers Set

Las Vegas, NV
submitted 4 years ago

Just what I needed for a costume!

submitted 5 years ago

Just what I was looking for

submitted 5 years ago

This works really good for a Wonder-Women costume that my wife and I put together.

Dan, TheSuperDad
South Jersey
submitted 5 years ago

I like the product as it was a gift for my GF due to her giving birth to our little Diana Prince. I had them engraved and they look amazing! Ended up being a great gift for the "Wonder Woman" in my life!!

submitted 5 years ago

I bought this for my sister for her birthday. She and my niece ( she is five years old and a future wonder woman) love them. We are all huge wonder woman fans and my sister loves her bracers. They will go with her wonder woman corset. These are awesome and worth the price.

Las Vegas
submitted 5 years ago

These were the answer to a prayer, even if they did come 30 years too late! But I guess some fantasies never go away. My girlfriend's mother says they sure would have saved her a lot of money on tin foil back in the day.