Wonder Woman Visage Business Card Holder

Wonder Woman Visage Business Card Holder

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Wonder Woman use to give out a lot of cards...mainly when she was depowered and running a Mod Boutique during the 1960s. The 60s were a far-out and groovy time, man! I believe she used the 4 inch wide by 2.75 inch high Wonder Woman Visage Business Card Holder which displays a retro image of the Amazonian Princess on a durable metal case! BAM! These days she doesn't really need to tell people about her business - she's in the business of kicking A and taking names! She won't mind though if you get the Wonder Woman Visage Business Card Holder!

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Visage Business Card Holder

Houston, TX
submitted 4 years ago

This is cute and all but it wasn't the slim card-carrying case I was expecting, it's bulkier, so that you can store cards on both sides. There was nothing wrong with it, it was just too big for me.

Sherry Daugherty
Maplewood, MN
submitted 5 years ago

I bought this for my daughter who is a fan of Wonder Woman and she loves it, I love it. It's is a good quality nice picture and just a fun thing to use for the business cards. Much better then the boring ones I have been looking at. I thought about getting one for myself, but that would be corny, so I am keeping an eye out for something similar.