Wonder Woman Super Star Kids Sneakers


Wonder Woman Super Star Kids Sneakers


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Because the playground is rife with injustice.

Between hitting the slides and swinging dangerously high, your aspiring Wonder Woman is trying desperately to keep the playground safe from evil mystical creatures and mischievous gods of war.

Thankfully, she ditched the sandals for our Wonder Woman Super Star Kids Sneakers, allowing her to easily outmaneuver raging centaurs while leaping from see-saw to jungle gym.

With a smooth, white, and shiny exterior littered with familiar Wonder Woman aesthetics, these Wonder Woman sneakers -- available in toddler and youth sizes -- are certainly nifty.

This is why they're nifty:

  • Shiny white exterior.

  • Raised and yellow Wonder Woman symbols.

  • Blue, star-filled highlights surrounding the laces.

  • A bright yellow velcro strap simulating Diana's legendary tiara!

  • Red, glitter-filled toe caps.

  • Padded tongue, interior, and insoles for a comfortable fit.

  • Blue and white soles etched with deep traction patterns.

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