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What is the best way to bring peace to the world? The absolutely fantastic Wonder Woman HeroBox! How will it bring peace to the world? Well, probably because it focuses on DC Comics' Warrior Princess, one of the strongest and most intelligence superheroes ever! She can definitely beat Superman in an arm-wrestling contest that's for sure. Say, you look like you might be interested in a rocking mystery gift box with a laser sight focus on Wonder Woman!

Created in 1942 by William Moulton Marston and his wife Elizabeth, Wonder Woman bucked several conventions of the time. A damsel in distress? Maybe if Wonder Woman is going to save them! The Marstons also made sure that she was one of the strongest characters in the universe but give her a giant heart to go with it. Sure, you might be able to pound somebody's face in for breaking the rules but wouldn't it be so much better to at least approach them with a little bit of love and compassion? One might be able to win without even clenching the fist! You may also recognize the Marston name...William actually created the polygraph test which makes perfect since considering Wonder Woman uses a Lasso with similar properties!

Within the DC Universe, Wonder Woman is considered one of the physically strongest with her often placed above Superman in terms of power. Her being alive for thousands of years have also allowed her to develop her mind into a weapon as she picked up a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills. What does all that mean? It means Wonder Woman is cornerstone in Justice League and part of the 'Holy Trinity' consisting of Batman and Superman! I believe we saw some of this with Gal Gadot in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, right? She was definitely one of the more redeeming qualities of that movie that's for sure!

So if the Wonder Woman HeroBox is the best way to bring peace to the world or a Wonder Woman fan's heart, then why don't you have the Wonder Woman HeroBox already? This awesome mystery-random-gift-box is forged on Paradise Island and features a ton of hand picked and heavily discounted items. What might you get in the Wonder Woman HeroBox? Well you will at least get a sweet shirt but beyond that it is left up to the Gods! You could get beanies, socks, lanyards, buttons, magnets, glasses, POP Fun Funko figures, plushies, and all manner of other goodies inspired by that Warrior Princess from Themyscira!

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