Wonder Woman Invisible Jet HeroBox

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You love our HeroBox mystery boxes, and you absolutely love the unique items included in said Heroboxes – items you can’t procure ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE! Well, we’ve done it this time with our EXCLUSIVE Invisible Jet HeroBox! Yes, our COMPLETELY INVISIBLE, Wonder Woman-themed HeroBox features a selection of collectible, high-quality, HIGHLY INVISIBLE Wonder Woman items and…. (**drum roll**) …a freaking Invisible Jet! What? YES!

You’ll have to take my word for it, but yes, there’s a full-sized, fully operational Invisible Jet accompanying your indiscernible Herobox mystery box, and yes, it’s parked right in your …. uh …. front yard. Yeah, yeah, your front yard. Oh, you can’t feel it? You and your family walked around the entire yard and didn’t accidentally slam your heads into it, or stub your toes on a landing gear? Hmmm. Maybe…maybe it’s on the roof. Yeah, check the roof.

Look, this is above board and completely legitimate. We entered into a contract with Themyscira who, in exchange for several, uh…...male “slaves” -- whose sole purpose will be to shine Amazonian armor and sharpen centaur-killing swords – agreed to bathe their home-spun products in patented Themysciran invisibility AND grant us 100 Invisible Jets to be used at our discretion. Why are we including the jets with a HeroBox and NOT selling them to the military for like, 14-bajillion dollars a pop? Because we're very much a 'fan-first' operation. DUH!



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