Wonder Woman Costume Journal
Wonder Woman Costume Journal - Back Cover
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Wonder Woman Costume JournalWonder Woman Costume Journal - Back CoverWonder Woman Costume Journal - End Pages

Wonder Woman Costume Journal

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Dear Wonder Woman Costume Journal,

I had a fantastic day! Paradise Island is so nice this time of year. Well, it is always nice but today in particular. I had a chance to train with neophytes, I made some lovely pottery, and I got to smack Artemis around. She's entirely too saucy if you ask me! I should probably inspect my gear tomorrow. Make sure my bracers, lasso, and invisible plane are in tip top shape. You never know when I'll get called off to bail the JLA out again or keep Supes from losing his mind. Now that I think about it, I should probably head to bed sooner or later, even though I do truly love this 8.25 inch high by 6.25 inch wide hard cover Wonder Woman Costume Journal. It looks like me when I'm in my battle rattle! And on that note, good night!


Wonder Woman.

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  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Costume Journal

Michael K.
Austin, TX
submitted 1 year ago

I love it.

Antelope Valley, California
submitted 2 years ago

Love it!

Kristine Louise
Jeddah, KSA
submitted 4 years ago

The notebook looks better in person than online. So... hurray! Product arrived safely and swiftly in an envelope with bubble wrap inside (safely bundled, kudos!) Took 16 days to deliver, not bad. Love it.