Wonder Woman Symbol Pewter Keychain

Wonder Woman Symbol Pewter Keychain

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The Wonder Woman Symbol Pewter Keychain measures 2 inches in diameter and should probably be your go-to keychain if you happen to encounter Aries or Darkseid on the regular. Even if not, you're probably still pretty good adding this bad boy to cart if you happen to get on the highway from time to time. That can be just as dangerous as a run-in with Parademons or Female Furies! Made from a durable pewter, the Wonder Woman Symbol Pewter Keychain is for you, oh fan of Wonder Woman!

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  • Sku: keywwsympew
  • Color: Silver
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Symbol Pewter Keychain

Los Angeles, CA
submitted 1 year ago

Love it! Very well made!

Melbourne Australia
submitted 1 year ago

I love it

Sandwich, IL
submitted 4 years ago

Ever since there was a Batman and Captain American pewter keychain, I have been looking for a Wonder Woman keychain just like it. I was happy to see you have it and I love it. I came quickly and it it and a great quality product.

Richmond, VA
submitted 5 years ago

I wasn't expecting the key chain to be as large as it is, but that made it that much more awesome! I love the craftsmanship. I highly recommend this product.