Wonder Woman Movie Armor Women's Knee High Socks


Wonder Woman Movie Armor Women's Knee High Socks


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Protect your feet, ankles, shins and calves from bullets, landmines, and Minotaurs who hit below the belt.

As a Princess of Themyscira venturing into 'man's world,' you prepare for -- and dress for -- their never-ending wars with beautifully crafted and several-times-blessed Amazonian armor.

A mixture of leather, steel, and unmatched craftsmanship, your holy battle-wear includes a war-skirt, an armored torso-piece, arm-plating, and protective leg-wear ending just below the knee.

Our Wonder Woman Movie Armor Women's Knee High Socks accurately convey your impervious, hand-crafted leg armor that just saved you from Ares' dishonorable shin-kicking.

These Wonder Woman socks -- based on Diana's armored appearance in the hit film, Wonder Woman -- feature meticulously illustrated red plating and brown, printed straps securing said pretend plating.

They're also cool because......THIS:

  • Wonder Woman movie symbols rendered in black outlines.

  • A soft, stretchy, underlying yellow material woven with a shimmering glitter-thread. Right, like the Golden Lasso of Truth!

  • Perfect for completing your Wonder Woman costume!

  • Perfect for wearing...whenever!

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