Wonder Woman Sword of Justice Men's T-Shirt

$8.99 Reg.$21.99


Wonder Woman Sword of Justice Men's T-Shirt

$8.99 Reg.$21.99


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What's more majestic than Wonder Woman's sword?

A sword that cleaves planets in twain, reduces nihilistic gods to sparkling stumps, and deflects massive tides from overrunning entire sea-faring civilizations??

I'll tell you what's more majestic -- Wonder Woman's perpetually alight, justice-seeking sword accented with a fluffy expanse of angelic wings!

Yep, our Wonder Woman Sword of Justice Men's T-Shirt features a BEAUTIFUL illustration of Diana's sacred blade with protruding wings, an iron-wrought Wonder Woman symbol, and some very characteristic proclamations:

"Warrior for Peace" rings the blazing red sun rising behind Diana's iron-wrought symbol.

"The Sword of Justice" resides in front of, yes, Wonder Woman's sword of justice -- it's rendered in a red, distressed, classically penned script.

Made from 100% cotton, this Wonder Woman t-shirt for men conveys Diana's intense quest for justice, and the sun-carved sword that handily dispenses all detractors.

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Reviews of Wonder Woman Sword of Justice Men's T-Shirt

4.0 (Based on 1 reviews)
Dundee, MI

Product was great but the size was a bit small for an XL. Will keep that in mind for future.

Submitted 1 year ago

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