Wonder Woman Warrior T-Shirt


Ruby Merchant.

Woman woman shows impressive on this tee;It could not be any less coming from artist David Finch,he is real talented I gotta say,every single inch or detail is perfect,I love the man and this picture shows his art off without any doubt,that is why.I cannot take my eyes off of her when depicted like this good.Sorry about my wife but I feel deeply in love with Wonder Woman,she´s always been my platonic love and she will always be;I have withdrawn this info from my wife all this time long,I still haven´t told her a thing but even if so I did I am sure she would understand my feelings for her,David Finch and his piece of works make me feel like this. A thousand BRAVOS for SUPERHEROSTUFF.com´s crew who make all this possible.Hurray!!! Hey fellas,would you be so kind of having this one in store for me?Size L coming right up!!(Chuckle) Kisses loads. Score:101% beyond the imaginable.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.