Wonder Woman Worn Symbol Kids T-Shirt

Toddler 2TOut of Stock$14.99
Toddler 3TOut of Stock$14.99
Toddler 4TIn Stock$14.99
Juvenile 4In Stock$15.99
Juvenile 5/6Out of Stock$15.99
Juvenile 7Out of Stock$15.99
Youth Small (7-8)Out of Stock$16.99
Youth Medium (9-10)Out of Stock$16.99
Youth Large (11-12)Out of Stock$16.99
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Made from 100% cotton, this red, toddler sized t-shirt features a very slightly distressed, classic Wonder Woman symbol!  Now your wee-one can help pacify matriarch's world with strength, intelligence, and a pinch of brutality!  Put your toddler in this Wonder Woman tee right before bestowing them with the Invisible Blanket!

*The print on the toddler t-shirt will be smaller due to the smaller size of the t-shirt*

More Details:

  • - Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.
  • - Color: Red
  • - Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • - Licensor: DC
  • - Style Attributes: Distressed, Symbol
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5.0Update: Smaller size = better shirt03/28/2014

I wrote the earlier review about the terrible square shape of the Juvy 5/6 shirt. I exchanged it for the Juvy 4 (even though my daughter is 6) and it is MUCH better. If you look at the size chart provided, moving from the Juvy 4 to the Juvy 5/6 only adds 0.25 inch in height, but 1.5 inches in width. Thus, unless your 5- or 6-year-old needs the extra width, I STRONGLY recommend getting the Juvy 4 instead of the 5/6. You only lose 0.25 inch in length and get a much better fit in the end. Now I can happily say that this shirt is a great one!

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
5.0My Daughter is in love!01/07/2014

We bought this to go with my daughter's star spangled skirt and it's perfect! She is in love! It runs a little big, but that is not a problem, she can just wear it longer ;)

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Toronto, Ontario
5.0My daughter loves this!12/29/2013

She love to run around yelling Wonder Woman! (Over and over again). :)

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
3.0Not perfect, but probably good enough12/11/2013

Just ordered the Juvenile 5/6 size for my daughter for Christmas, and I have mixed feelings about it: PROS: - It's Wonder Woman, so my daughter will probably love it. CONS: - It's pretty square-shaped. The shirt in the picture must have had the back cinched. - Typical rough texture for many comic book shirts. It's near-impossible to find a 30 Single texture logo shirt for kids (it's not always easy for adults, either!). The real killer to me is the shape. It's definitely a lot boxier than the picture makes it seem. Again, my daughter may not care, so we'll see. Superherostuff service was fast & awesome, by the way!

5.0Good shirt07/27/2012

Daughter loves it! Good size and quality, no complaints.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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