Wonder Woman DC Bombshells Funko Chase Pop Figure

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The Wonder Woman DC Bombshells Funko Chase Pop Figure is a very rare, highly sought after variant edition of the full-color Wonder Woman figure sporting her "bombshell"-style aesthetics harkening back to WWII.

Yep, this particular, soft-vinyl Wonder Woman figure -- measuring 4" from bonnet to boot strap -- is layered in a vintage, color-free sepia tone. Right, the color of all photographs taken circa 1942.

This sepia-toned Wonder Woman figure, although color-deprived, is more color-appropriate considering the era this particular Wonder Woman POP figure inhabits. 

Value wise, FUNKO made a heck of a lot less which drives the collectability factor through the roof. So, the formula for a successful, collectible figure is something like this:

1. Make less.
2. Modify the appearance of the original.
3. Base it on pin-up art adorning the sides of WWII aircraft.
4. Please base all of the above on Wonder Woman.

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