Wonder Woman Satchel Fold Ladies Wallet

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Whoa, Wonder Woman...when did you get so...wallet-y? Oh, it isn't DC Comics' Warrior Princess it is the just shy of 7 inches wide Wonder Woman Satchel Fold Ladies Wallet! I get confused pretty easily...I blame the 'TV'. Hosting a fair amount of normal pockets, a zipper pocket,  and sleeves, the Wonder Woman Satchel Fold Ladies Wallet even has faux gold straps which have been surely blessed by Aphrodite. Surely. Outside lining is polyurethane while the inside is polyester!

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Long Island, NY

Being a HUGE Wonder Woman fan, I was excited to buy this and receive it. I'm still excited that I have it and immediately put everything in here. I'll be honest though... it is not the best wallet and it is not the worst wallet. It holds everything one would traditionally have in a wallet-- which is great. It's not small. I love that, and I do love this wallet... but I can't lie... I kind of feel like I spent too much on it. So... I love the wallet. I'm totally in wallet love because I love Wonder Woman! It holds everything and it's great. However, it feels a little over-priced. This may only be because I'm incredibly cheap. Lol. Either way... I do like it and it is good.

Superherostuff.com response:

Glad to hear you liked the wallet!