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Storm Bobble Head Head Knocker Wacky Wobbler

Storm Bobble Head Head Knocker

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Ororo Monroe is the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesseses, all of whom have white hair, blue eyes, wear scantially clad leather and cape with stilleto high heels and also have the potential to wield magic that controls the weather. Ororo's mother, N'dare, was an African princess who married American Time magazine photojournalist David Monroe and moved with him to Manhattan, where they practiced making babies until they got it right and Ororo was eventually born.

When Ororo was six months old, she and her parents moved to Cairo, Egypt in order to have a more complex backstory for the X-Men. Five years later, after tons of practicing making more babies, and during the Arab-Israeli conflict, a plane crashed into their home, just like in The World According To Garp with Robin Williams, except that Ororo's parents were killed. However Ororo survived, but she was buried under rubble near her mother's body. The resultant trauma left Ororo with severe claustrophobia that still affects her today. Somewhere along the lines she developed her powers and a really cool sexy outfit. She is still in the litigation case against Time Warner AOL magazine and vows to extract the $12 million owed to her, under threat of a huge friggin biblical style rain storm that will ruin the company.

Ororo goes by Storm and is one of the leaders of the X-Men. Apparantly her back story was rewritten to include her love affair with the Black Panther. Chuaaa... what stereotypical subtle racism. Just because Storm and Black Panther are both black they have to have a thing for each other, as if no other guy would be attracted to Ororo. I tell you what... if I was a mutie in school of X... I'd be ALL over that gorgious hotty babe. Come on Marvel, let's see some Captain Kirk Lt. Ohura action here!! Just because she's black doesn't mean that she's only going to play footsie with other black dudes. Sure the rumors are true about them, but come on!! It's the 21st friggin century where we have a lesbian Batwoman (and boy is she hot) and a gay cowboy (check out Rawhide Kid which was funny as hell, well written too) but Oh OH, no, you can't have a black woman and white guy gettin' it on. Jesus, DC can have a horn dog Flash making the moves relentlessy on Wonder Woman (who wouldn't) but god forbid if Angel or, Logan or god forbid Magneto bats an eye at Ororo. Sheesh... (god we're going to get oh so sued by some uber-liberal rainbow groups with too much time on their hands one of these days.)

Get all four of the X-Men bobbleheads.

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