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HeroBox X-Men Mutant Proud Edition

HeroBox X-Men Mutant Proud Edition

HeroBox X-Men Mutant Proud Edition


I'm a mutant, and I'm proud! Show your support for imperiled mutants by getting your very own X-Men, Mutant Proud HeroBox®!

Sure, buying this box won't give you the ability to phase through walls or read minds. DISCLAIMER: If our Mystery Box does induce spontaneous, empowering mutations that terrify the average Joe, we accept zero responsibility.

At our behest -- and with the promise of a sizeable contribution to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters -- the X-Men hand-picked their favorite mutant gear and stuffed this X-quisite boX with X-ceptional apparel and accessories.

Grab a boX, wear the shirt, and show your support for America's beloved/disdained menagerie of merry mutants!

Why Do We Love The X-Men?
Firstly, we absolutely love those yellow and blue uniforms accented with the bold "X"-belt.

Secondly, we all wish we were uncanny enough to accompany Wolverine, Beast and Rogue on various missions protecting those suffering from unwanted leaps in personal, biological evolution.

Perhaps we'll roll up in the Blackbird right before this week's rebuilding of Xavier's mansion/school/headquarters.

Silver Edition $59 Value of $80+

  • A slightly mutated T-Shirt
  • Apparel from upstate New York
  • genetically modified Accessories
  • Mystery Gear spanning decades

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HeroBox X-Men Mutant Proud Edition
Rob K

As always very high quality and a nice mix of merch, comes through again!