$12.49 Reg.$14.99
Wolverine Super Deformed Plush Toy

Wolverine Super Deformed Plush Toy

$12.49 Reg.$14.99
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Measuring roughly 8" high, this soft plush toy is rendered in the deformed shape and exaggerated likeness of the legendary Wolverine; 2 parts animal, 2 parts killing machine and 34 parts overused plot contrivance.  That's right, he's everywhere.  He's at the bakery, in the kitchen, working at the carnival and mowing grass at every national park.  He's Wolverine....and he probably asked you for spare change while trying very hard to squeeze buy him on the subway. And now...he's a plush. So, this time...this time it's all about big hugs, gentle smiles and soft spoken words.  This time it's about dangling him from your ceiling with tin foil fairy wings stapled to his back.    Look at him...He's so....he's so peaceful when he sleeps.

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  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Wolverine Super Deformed Plush Toy

Phil, Platty616
Manchester, Eng
submitted 4 years ago

This guy looks right at home sitting on my marvel shelf, these make a great collection.