Nightcrawler 30S Costume T-Shirt


Caitie, hardcore X-Men fan
Duluth, GA

I'm a woman, but who says I can't dress like Nightcrawler? This shirt is great. It's cotton, so it's not itchy. The cut is good. The overall design is pretty true to the comics. I like how it doesn't skimp on the design and goes from front to back, instead of just being on the front. There's also the famous X symbol on the front and back, totally cute. The color could be a little brighter like on the sleeves, but then again, I'm picky. I could live without the bamf on the sleeve, but whatever. It's there. (I think it would've looked more accurate without it and think it looks a bit out of place and weird.) There's not a ton of Nightcrawler merchandise out there (Why not?), so I'm really grateful for this shirt. I highly recommend it!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.