X-Men International Men's T-Shirt
X-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Front View
X-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Back View
X-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Front Close Up
X-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Back Close Up
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X-Men International Men's T-ShirtX-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Front ViewX-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Back ViewX-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Front Close UpX-Men International Men's T-Shirt-Back Close UpSize Chart

X-Men International Men's T-Shirt

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Who do you call when you need some X-Men to go abroad? You call the guys on the 100% cotton X-Men International Men's T-Shirt! They'll definitely go to Italy to get some pizza or to Germany for some beer or Japan for some sushi! Wait, you wanted them to fight bad guys? Jeez, can't they get a break?

Featuring Ice Man, Beast, Wolverine, Storm, and Shadowcat(Kitty Pryde), this double sided X-Men shirt has their logo on the front and a group shot of them on the reverse. You'll be set to show off your love and hopefully stop Magneto...if he is currently bad! You never know with that guy. 

More Details

  • Sku: tsxmnintern
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image, Front/back print

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Reviews of X-Men International Men's T-Shirt

David Merice
Miami Shores
submitted 1 year ago

Perfect Fit

submitted 1 year ago

You get what you see!

Signal Hill, Ca
submitted 1 year ago

A rare hard-to-find design, and a "must-have" for all fans.