Zatanna w/Logo by Adam Hughes T-Shirt
Zatanna w/Logo by Adam Hughes T-Shirt - Close Up
Zatanna w/Logo by Adam Hughes T-ShirtZatanna w/Logo by Adam Hughes T-Shirt - Close Up

Zatanna w/Logo by Adam Hughes T-Shirt

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A Zatanna w/Logo by Adam Hughes T-Shirt! It won't work you know, just saying it backwards...I tried..I got a very bad tan and a hug from Commander Adama! Sure that was a great day, but not close to a Zatanna T-shirt. This cool, 100% cotton tee features the cover art from Zatanna #15 by Adam Hughes, which are 2 things that go soooo well together. Hughes 'n' Zatanna; it's like Lord Byron 'n' bears, or bacon 'n'... extra bacon! It's just that good. Nocab emos rof og dluoc I, mmmh.

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  • Sku: tszatanhugheslogo
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Zatanna w/Logo by Adam Hughes T-Shirt

Santa Cruz, CA
submitted 3 years ago

I hope they reprint this. It's an awesome shirt, and I bought the last one, which I kind of feel bad about, lol. Seriously guys, reprint this!!! Zatanna doesn't get a lot of great merch, and this is one of the few exceptions.

Jamie smokes 420
submitted 4 years ago

I LOVE this shirt! I was thinking one day of a girl superhero shirt that be cool to own. When I got on the site superherostuff.com I was looking for something I would like and then BAM!! Like a rabbit from a hat this ZATANNA shirt jumped right at me! I knew I had to have it! And it seemed like the words ABRACADABRA this beautiful shirt of a amazing women was at my doorstep. I would recommend this T shirt to anyone who believes in the power of a woman's magic. !!!ANNATAZ

Queenstown, New Zealand
submitted 4 years ago

Looks even better on

J. Bell
submitted 4 years ago

Great fit and quality, vivid image. Got a couple of compliments while wearing it :)

Rubi,DC Comic books fan
submitted 5 years ago

Wanna do some magic?not enough tricks to stand up to your opponents?No problem,give Zatanna a call and she´ll take with her a magic wand and a hat.The things she can do with her hands.....She´s not a trickster for sure but a tricky magician.She´ll use whatever it takes and not exactly a mere hat to make you believe she´s been defeated,she´ll be by your side when you need it most to give you a hand or two,she´ll use gibberish or talk in riddles to make your mind reel,she´ll make anything humanly possible to keep you out of trouble if such is the case,she can make you feel you have the hots for her........but is this me talking?Wow,I thought I had been caught by one of her.....!!It´s been so vivid!! I WAS LOVING IT ANYWAY!,She and her figure,!!Illusion,I know.......!How disappointing!!.Such is Zatanna,but the thing is.....She saved the day and kick ass!!

Boaz, AL
submitted 5 years ago

Crisp Colors and a great fitting shirt. It is better than pictured, which is usually not the case with shirts.

submitted 5 years ago

Z looks as sexy as ever. The colors are crisp and clean and the shirt is good quality.

submitted 5 years ago

The design is surprisingly really crisp and clean, which was a problem I have run into when ordering clothing online before. the shirt itself is a really comfy material, great for when you want to wear sweats and a t-shirt and curl up and play video games. I love Zatanna and am very pleased to own a shirt with her on it since she is my favorite DC character. Just all around love this shirt!