Zelda Symbol Drawstring Cinch Bag

Zelda Symbol Drawstring Cinch Bag

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Made from 100% Polyester and measuring 13" across and 17.5" high, this black cinch bag backpack is adorned with the Zelda symbol! Yes, it's Zelda, and in 1987 you played the heck out of it. THE HECK OUT OF IT! So, now you got this backpack bag thing with drawstring closure, adorned with some Zelda symbology (yeah, that's a word). You can stick your...uh...Nintendo related stuff in there. Yup.

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  • Sku: backzeldsymcinch
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Nintendo

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Reviews of Zelda Symbol Drawstring Cinch Bag

Lazaro, Novice to things like this
Miami, FL
submitted 5 years ago

I have been a zelda fan for a long time now and when i saw this bag here i knew i had to buy it. its extremely durable and possibly waterproof because the material feels a bit like tarp that you put on your roof. the triforce symbol is awesome and way better in person. if you are a true fan then BUY THIS BAG yoou won't regret it.