Ant-Man Pym Tech 39Thirty Fitted Hat



Ant-Man Pym Tech 39Thirty Fitted Hat



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New Era x Pym Tech

Pym Technologies in San Francisco has long been on the cutting edge of scientific discovery. From exploring the Quantum Realm to enlarging and weaponizing PEZ® dispensers, Hank Pym's team of geniuses have made breakthrough after breakthrough.

Now, after years of dangerous experimentation, the folks at Pym are proud to present the crown gem of their shrinkage technology: the Ant-Man Pym Tech 39Thirty Fitted Hat, available exclusively at

The grey-toned hat is layered in a resilient performance fabric called "Diamond Era." The name comes from a recurring pattern of diamond-shaped stitching crisscrossing the entire hat, granting it the appearance of a hard-fiber mesh used in the construction of contemporary superhero-wear (and not unlike the trippy geometric patterns found inside the Quantum Realm).

Made from 100% polyester, this EXCLUSIVE gray-toned Ant-Man hat from New Era features the iconic logo for Pym Technologies rendered in red, elevated embroidery. On the rear you will find the logo repeated above the companies home city of San Francisco, CA.

The bill? Curved and black.

The official New Era sticker? It's right there, resting soundly on top of the bill.

All the dependable characteristics of a high quality New Era Hat:

  • The New Era logo resting on the hat's right side.
  • The stitched taping crisscrossing the hat's interior.
  • The official New Era tag, also inside the hat!
  • This fitted 39Thirty cap is available in sizes Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and Large/X-Large.

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  • Ant-Man
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Reviews of Ant-Man Pym Tech 39Thirty Fitted Hat

5.0 (Based on 6 reviews)
Jason Resides
Ridgway Pa

I love this hat.. Fits great and has no issues with shape or size it is bad ass......

Submitted 1 year ago

Nice hat, like the colors.

Submitted 1 year ago
Quantum realm

I love these hats from superhero stuff and new era. PYM raised stitching there’s hats are amazing

Submitted 1 year ago
Kevin, in charge of downsizing at Pym Technologies
Rainelle, WV

Great fit and clean design. Would like to see a color variant with red and silver as well.

Submitted 1 year ago
Kevin Lynch
St. Louis, MO

The hat looks great and feels good when you wear it. What else could you want?

Submitted 1 year ago
David C
Marina, CA

I dig this hat

Submitted 1 year ago

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