Between 2002-2003, writer Jeph Loeb and artist Jim Lee granted us the now-classic "Batman: Hush" story-arc. Featuring a number of Batman's villains being manipulated behind-the-scenes -- either by childhood friend Tommy Elliot, a resurrected Jason Todd, or a Lazarus Pit-infected Riddler – the Hush arc added depth to Bruce Wayne's childhood, and the Batman/Catwoman “relationship.” Oh, and it was a wild joyride on a burning carousel ridden by Batman's most effective foes.

Accompanying this legendary arc was legendary art, perfectly rendered by the equally legendary Jim Lee. Amidst Lee's amazing take on Batman's rogues, his subtle sprucing up of the Bat Symbol was easily one of the greatest contributions to the Bat-mythos. Because we are HUGE fans of Lee's enduring interpretation, we took it upon ourselves to slap it on everything everywhere!

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