Avengers Silver Symbol Belt Buckle
Avengers Silver Symbol Belt Buckle - Back View
Avengers Silver Symbol Belt BuckleAvengers Silver Symbol Belt Buckle - Back View

Avengers Metal Symbol Belt Buckle

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Measuring 4" high and 3" across, this metal belt buckle with an almost pewter veneer (in appearance) is rendered in the shape of the Avengers "A" symbol! They're the Avengers! They're a collection of Marvel Comics' finest superheroes combining forces and resources to fight the good fight! Now, the "good fight" may include a 400 billion dollar clean-up bill left to the state of New York and Stark Industries, but....well....they're better than the alternative, that being the transformation of Earth into a giant slave planet. Thanks, Avengers!

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  • Sku: buckleavngrsym
  • Color: Grey-Light
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Avengers Metal Symbol Belt Buckle

submitted 4 years ago

Exactly as you see in the photo, great product - love it!

Avenger #6
submitted 5 years ago

I love the Avengers, and I loved the movie, so when I saw this I thought it'd be pretty cool to wear. When I received it in the mail, it was a lot bigger and heavier than it looked in the picture, and when I put it on I noticed the weight difference than my previous buckle. I guess I will have to get used to it, but it is a tad bulky and heavy. Nice buckle though, made of high quality materials and is tainted to look worn.