Avengers Bookmark Set
Avengers Bookmark Set
Avengers Bookmark SetAvengers Bookmark Set

Avengers Bookmark Set

  • Officially Licensed by DC
  • Set of 4
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Saving your page day in, day out.

If you’ve got a sibling that likes to wreak havoc in your house and there hasn’t been a hiding spot they didn’t find, maybe it’s time to protect your stuff smarter. If your room is routinely ransacked for Oreos or whatever, never fear to lose your page when your book or comic is tossed around Carelessly. Sure, these bookmarks won’t do much to keep your car from being stolen, but at least you can easily pick up where you left off in your story while waiting for its return if it does.

Coming in a set of four, these Avengers magnetic bookmarks will be your biggest heroes if you are in need of reliable ways to keep your pages marked. Just look at the Hulk, Does he look like he’ll lose your page?

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  • Sku: 110810
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Avengers Bookmark Set

Champaign, IL
submitted 1 month ago

I love these bookmarks way more than a regular book mark. They don't fall out like traditional ones.